Bring Utopia to Your World

Many people dream of Utopia.   For two golfing friends, Utopia meant golfing for eternity.  Dave and Earl agreed that whoever died first would try to come back and tell the other if there was golf in heaven.

Dave died first one summer day. A few nights later, Earl awoke to the sound of Dave’s voice from beyond.

“Dave, is that you?” Earl asked.  “Of course it’s me,” Dave replied.

“This is unbelievable!” Earl exclaimed.  “So tell me, is there golf in heaven?”

“Well, I have some good news and some bad news for you.  Which do you want to hear first?”

“Tell me the good news first.”

“Well, the good news is there is golf in heaven.  Everyday we play on a course that looks just like Augusta National.  And no one ever bogeys a hole.”

“Oh, that is wonderful!” said Earl.  “So what could possibly be the bad news?”

“You have a tee time at 8:30 tomorrow morning.”

Many people dream of Utopia.  But I’ve actually been there.  Utopia, Texas that is.  I was staying at a retreat site between Vanderpool and Utopia.  I drove over to Utopia to check it out.

I found one main street.  One traffic light.  One store where I could buy a toothbrush since I forgot mine.  No movie theater. A population of about 241.  Just a little out of the way place in Texas that someone in the past named Utopia.

Not your picture of Utopia?  Then how about a place full of celebrations and happiness, public health for young and old, housing for all, no shortage of food, meaningful work, family support systems, and an  absence of violence?  That’s the dream found in Isaiah 65:17-25.  A place of well being.  A place of health.

And health is how Utopia got its name.  Originally named Montana, George Barker traveled to that area of Texas in 1876 as a young man.  He came with poor health, looking for a place that would bring healing to his body.

Every morning in winter and summer he would take a swim in the Sabinal River before breakfast.    Whether it was the air or the exercise something about the routine agreed with him.  His illness left and his health returned.

Exercise today to bring health to your community.

  • Serve.
  • Share.
  • Feed.
  • Clothe.

Who knows?  You may create a bit of Utopia for yourself and others.

Question: What are some other ways we can bring “Utopia” to our communities?  

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