See What it is You Want and See What Drives Your Life

My first car was shared with my older brother.  The car?  A’64 Rambler Classic.  At the time all we wanted was four tires, a steering wheel, and gas in the tank.

The Rambler was a functional car.  It got us to school.  It even survived a parking lot wreck.  My brother backed into a parked Ford Pinto.  The Rambler pummeled the Pinto’s posterior.  Not one dent in the Rambler.  We nicknamed it “The Tank” after that little incident.

It wasn’t long before we wanted something else, something a little more cool.  Our Dad found us a ’69 Cougar.  The Cougar had pop up headlights.  New upholstery.  A new paint job.  We wrapped a leather cover around the steering wheel and were ready to go.

One night we took the Cougar on a prowl down the drag.  At one point a carload of girls started smiling at us and screaming at us.  They were pointing at our car.  I looked at my brother and asked, “What do you think they want?”  My brother, never one to lack in confidence, quickly replied, “I think they want us to follow them.”  When I looked back they were laughing real hard and then they took off and disappeared.  We pulled over to stop, got out and realized they had been pointing at the front of our car.  One of the headlight covers was stuck.  Our Cougar was cock-eyed.  And not cool.

The Cougar was fine until my senior year in High School.  One of my best friends started parking by me.  His Dad owned a business.  Lincoln-Mercury.  My friend drove a ’77 Cougar.  Now I wanted something newer.

In college came a Camaro.  In adulthood a sporty Nissan.  Know what I wish I could have now?  The ’64 Rambler Classic.

Have I driven home the point yet?  We have a hard time knowing what we want.  But it is an important question to answer.  So important that it is one Jesus asked.  “What do you want me to do for you?” he asked James, John, and blind Bartimaeus (Mark 10:36, 51).  Their answers?  James and John wanted power.  Bartimaeus just wanted to see.

Experience teaches us that we will see our “wants” continually change until we see what we most want. When you see what you most want you’ll see what is driving your life.

Make sure it’s something that will last.


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