How to Be Thankful for Mondays Too

It’s TGIF day. Some say the term originated with an Akron, Ohio disc jockey in the early 70’s. Regardless, some feel very thankful to have somehow made it to the end of the work week. Others may have been thankful for every day of the week. The difference between the two may have had only to do with whether they were merely “busy” or whether they “prioritized” their week.

“Busy” is the new currency of status in America. Listen for it. Ask the question “How are you doing?” and the common answer is: “Oh, I’m busy, but I’m making it.” Truthfully, do you want to tell someone that you don’t have enough to do? Or that you’ve got things in order and you are on schedule to take a nice break?

But wouldn’t the second scenario make every day a TGI_____ day? You can learn to live that way. Here’s how:

  • Begin by pausing and taking a long view of your life. What is it you want to accomplish over the long haul? How do you want to be remembered? Then back up and make sure you are doing the daily, weekly, monthly things that will lead to the fulfillment of that vision. A life is built one day at a time. If you live your days well your life will be lived well.
  • Then take inventory of what the most important things that need to be done in your week are. That means you will have to eliminate the non-important as ruthlessly as a pest control worker eliminates bugs. You don’t want them around. You’ve got more important things to do. Exterminate the time-wasters.
  • Determine that you will prioritize what goes on your schedule. Start with the big things that have to be done every week. You have your work and your family. Start with those. What else? Schedule time for those things and then fill in the rest of your week purposefully.
  • Then change your verbiage. Instead of telling people you are too busy for something say “My schedule is already prioritized for this week.” They won’t know how to respond. And it may cause them to pause and think about their own schedule.

The Apostle Paul reminds his readers to “make the best use of the time.” A person who is doing that is not busy. They may have a full schedule but it is prioritized.

And they are thankful for every day, not just Fridays. So find some time over the weekend to slow your pace. Prioritize the next week before it arrives. And begin the work week with these words, “Thank goodness it’s Monday!”

People will think you are crazy. That’s O.K. At least they’ll know you’re not busy.

Question: What time-wasters do you need to eliminate from your schedule? What big things are you neglecting that you need to prioritize?

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