Find Your Calling and then Find Encouragement

People want their lives to count for something. And yet for many their life is just a series of running from one task to the next, one appointment to another, and one diversion after diversion.

Ever been in that boat? There’s a lot of motion in your life but very little movement? Then what you need to find are two things: your calling and encouragement.

In his book Drucker & Me Bob Buford tells of the mentoring relationship he was fortunate to have with Peter Drucker, the well-known management consultant and author of modern management issues.

Buford writes that people need to find first of all “clarity in their calling.” The Bible tells us that there is some task that was “prepared beforehand” that we should walk in. There is something we are called to do in this life. We need to get clear on what that calling is.

For each of us there is a general calling we can be clear on. To live a holy and blameless life. To help usher in the ways of God into our world. (Think about it: if people actually lived according to the principles of God the earth would be an amazing place to live, wouldn’t it?) To bring justice and hope to the world.

But how each individual does that may be varied. That is what you have to get clear on. How does God want to use you in his story to shape history?

To decide that you need to look at:

  • Your skills.
  • Your training.
  • Your education.
  • Your passion.
  • Your interests.

Who is it that is doing something that you wish you could be a part of? That may be a clue in helping you get clear on your own calling.

Once you’ve pinpointed that you need to find an encourager or two. As Buford writes, “…someone to say, ‘You can do that. Let’s talk about it until it becomes clear’” (170). He lists four pieces of encouragement that will help you make a difference:

  • Permission to be who you are designed to be (as opposed to following someone else’s script written for you).
  • Acknowledgement when you do something well along the lines of your calling.
  • Applause in the form of recognition.
  • Accountability to moves you from “Good Intentions” to “Results and Performance.”

You are a one of a kind person. Find some quiet times to listen for your calling. Then find someone that can encourage you to live into your calling. Your life can count for something if you do.

Question: Who do you have in your life that can encourage you to live into your calling?

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One thought on “Find Your Calling and then Find Encouragement

  1. So glad you discussed that key component of encouragement. As Christians, it’s our job to strengthen each other in God’s will, and encouragement is what I’ve found is the most reliable way to quicken a friend’s steps on the path to the Lord.