Un-Cocoon & Make a Difference

I have to admit I bought one. I needed a visual for a message I was giving about getting out of our comfort zone. So I wanted something that would visually depict being comfortable. So I got one. I got a new Snuggie©. Why do you laugh? Blankets are O.K. but they can slip and slide. And when you “reach for the phone your arms can now stay covered.”

I have to admit I . . . I like my Snuggie©. Once inside I feel as if I am hiding from the harsh world outside. Inside my Snuggie© there is no poverty. There are no orphans. I don’t have to think about homeless people. I can just go home and cocoon.

What would we do without our cocoons? You have one too. It may not be a Snuggie©. It may be your man-cave or your shopping sprees or your vacations. We feel a need to get away from the world and so we cocoon.

Instead of cocooning Jesus issued this challenge to regular people just before he ascended into heaven: “. . . you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth” (Acts 1:8). Before this challenge they were loading trucks, coaching soccer, stocking shelves at the HEB. They were raising their families and making an honest day’s work and there is no evidence that Jesus selected them because they were nicer or smarter than the guy next door.

His challenge seemed big to those 120 disciples huddled in that Upper Room (Acts 1). But by chapter 17 of Acts it is being said of them that “they have turned the world upside down.”

How did it happen? It happened because they said “yes” to the challenge Jesus issued. They said “yes” when others simply moved on.

Wouldn’t it be great if Jesus’ disciples said “yes” today? You see, Jesus loves people who love their neighbors (their Jerusalem). Jesus loves people who love their cities (their Judea and Samaria). And he loves those who have a vision for the “ends of the earth.” He loves people who pray for places they may never go, who help those they may never meet.

Honestly, most days I’d rather curl up in my Snuggie© and cocoon. But following Jesus makes me think it would be better to give my Snuggie© to someone who is cold and needs some warmth. That’s what Jesus would do.

(Besides, I figured out I can just wear my robe backwards and get the same effect.)

Question: Where do you need to “un-cocoon” and make an impact in your world?

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2 thoughts on “Un-Cocoon & Make a Difference

  1. I was discussing with my husband last night the difference between most have’s and have-not’s. Some of the have’s – refuse to share their blessings with those in need, and those who don’t have – find a way to help someone in need. True… some climb into their cocoons…they don’t want to see the suffering, disfigured, disabled, or those in dire need. They don’t want to hear about suffering in a country they don’t experience, nor look in the eye the grief stricken. If only the love of Christ would grab those Snuggie©lovers…

  2. Wow that was unusual. I just wrote an incredibly long comment but
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    just wanted to say excellent blog!