Three Ingredients to Baking a Flavorful Marriage

No one would ever mistake me for a Master Chef. My wife Karen, on the other hand, can mix whatever food is available into a tasty dish like Michelangelo could throw paint on the Sistine Chapel and leave behind something to talk about for centuries.

Imagine my anxiety when in our first year of marriage Karen was working part time until eight o’clock at night and the cooking duty fell to me. I knew how to put a microwaveable dinner in the microwave, set the time, and sometimes not burn it. Now she would leave me a cookbook open to a page and say, “Let’s have this tonight.”

One night I was following the instructions and came to this step: “Baste the chicken every fifteen minutes.” This was before the internet and Google so I had to humble myself and call Karen to ask her what it meant to “baste” something. She paused. She giggled. Then she giggled some more. When she regained her composure she explained to me what to do.

Sometimes we need a little help with recipes.

And sometimes we need a little help with the recipe for love. We did. When children came along we realized quickly that all those moments we could spend with each other without interruption before children were over.

Somehow we hit upon a formula that seemed to work for us. Every two weeks we had a date night. We had good friends with whom we’d swap off baby-sitting. When we had our friends’ kids they’d go out. (Side benefit to us is that our kids played the whole time and we could just monitor them.) Then the next week they’d watch our kids and we would go out.

It seemed to work great for us. We reserved some special time for us and through the years were able to model for our boys that even though we loved them we loved each other first.

I was reminded of those days when I came across an article this week that may be of help to you. The advice it gave was this:

  • Every 2 weeks go out on a date.
  • Every 2 months go out for the weekend.
  • Every 2 years go out for a week.

That’s good advice. It’s a good recipe for keeping the flavor in your marriage. And just like any recipe you can tweak it and add your own touches.

Basting keeps meat moist and adds flavor. Baste your relationship in 2-2-2 juices this year and see if your marriage doesn’t begin to taste better.

Question: When was the last time you and your spouse went out on a date? Plan a date on your calendars now.

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