Ask this Question and Kick Fear to the Curb

You were born to be loved. Problem is you don’t have to live long before you feel the sting of “not loved.”

Some are born into a family that does not know how to love. Maybe the parents perpetuated what they had learned and now a young child learns the opposite of love. Fear.

Some have a loving family but encounter “not loved” through school. Kids can be mean. Especially kids who come from homes where they haven’t been loved. And so they pass on what they know and now one who is loved at home experiences the realities of an unloving world.

Gerald Jampolsky writes in his book Love is Letting Go of Fear about the time he took a course called A Course in Miracles. That course  stated there were only two emotions: love and fear. The first is what Jampolsky calls our “natural inheritance.” The second is what our mind manufactures.

Fear is learned. It is what happens when we choose not to trust love. Genesis tells the story of mankind. When Adam and Eve chose to not trust God they chose to distrust love. The minute they moved away from love they came to know fear. They came to know anxiety.

And it’s interesting that fear and anxiety came from their not trusting God. “God is love” is John’s simple description of God. Not “God is hate” or “God is fear-producing.” “God is love.”

But does not the Scriptures teach to “fear” God? Yes, but that fear is a fear of reverence and understanding that he is holy. Which means God is “other.” We are not like him. And the kind of “fear” we are to have is one that respects God for who he is and trusts him in what he says. Especially when he says he loves us.

John continues to write that “perfect love casts out fear.” In other words as we learn what love is—our natural inheritance—fear will dissipate from our lives. We will live more confidently knowing that no matter what happens we are loved.

We were born to be loved.

Jampolsky’s book helped me during a season I was experiencing anxiety and fear. A steady, low undercurrent of anxiety. Fears about my performance. About the future. He gave me a question to start asking myself whenever I was experiencing anxiety and fear:

“What is the worst thing that can happen to me?”

So I started asking that question. And in every case my fear was really a fear of not being loved in some way.

Try asking that question next time you experience fear. Then see if trusting that God is love will help “cast out” that fear.

You were born to be loved. Claim your inheritance today.

Question: What fears do you face today? How can love cast out those fears?


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