Love…Infinity and Beyond

When our boys were very young they were taken by the movie Toy Story. (I was too. I miss the days when our boys were young and I could take them to Pixar movies that I wanted to see under the pretense they were dragging me along since they couldn’t drive or pay for the movie.)

They especially liked Buzz Lightyear. The phrase “To infinity…and beyond” was heard routinely around our house by our oldest son. He was captivated by the word “infinity.”

Maybe it was the idea of “endless-ness” or the reckless abandon of “boundless-ness.” Whatever it was that seized his imagination and made this his favorite word it soon became our favorite word.

So one night I was putting the boys in bed. Our routine would have me squeezing in between them both and telling them a story. This particular night, after the story I crawled back out and tucked them under their covers. The bedsheet and comforter were pulled right up under their little chins.

Then I asked them, “Do you know how much I love you?”

The answer came back with great confidence: “Infinity!”

“Do you know how much ‘infinity’ is?” I asked.

“No Daddy, how much is it?”

I had them take their arms out from under their tucked positions and said, “Stretch your arms out as wide as you can!” They did until I thought their shoulders might come out of their sockets. I said in a somewhat secretive voice, “Now, let’s get you tucked back under the covers and I’ll tell you how much ‘infinity’ is.”

I tucked them under and leaned in close. “You know how far you stretched?” “Yes, Daddy,” came the reply. “Is that how far ‘infinity is?”

I paused. “No. Can you believe it’s even further than that?” I asked them. “It’s so far it never stops.” Their eyes were wide as the ocean.

Then I added, “Do you know how much God loves you?”

They looked at each other. Then at me. Then in unison a little louder said, “Infinity!”

Sometimes life gets busy. And sometimes we forget to tell the people we are closest to how much we love them. We need to show them how much we love them. But we also need to tell them.

So tonight before you go to bed tuck your kids in and take a few extra minutes to tell them how much you love them. If they’re grown maybe you could make a phone call or two. Tell your husband or your wife. Call your parents.

And while you’re at it listen to God. That’s how much he loves you too. So much, in fact, that He cannot love you more than He does right now. So much, in fact, that He will not love you any less. God is love. And He loves you…Infinity!

Question: Who do you need to tell that you love them?



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