Don’t Fight Your Battles Alone

Maybe you’re trying to fight your battles by yourself. Do you feel like you’ve been under attack lately? Drones dropping ammo at you from work and then home and then the bank?

This might help. Scripture says that we are to “Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.”

“Resist” is a military word. You would use it to describe one army getting ready to “set itself against” their opponent. Think Davy Crockett and his friends getting ready for Santa Anna’s troops at the Alamo and you’re thinking of their resistance. They set themselves for a battle against their enemy.

But the writer of those words isn’t talking about the Alamo. He’s talking about our battle against Satan. This battle is a cosmological battle between Satan and his troops and God and his people. It’s a battle that was happening in the first century and it is happening today.

In battle you resist an opponent who attacks. We can “resist the devil.” We resist him by active faith in God. And when we resist—when we put up a fight—guess what happens? “…he will flee from you.” You and I don’t have the power to cause Satan to flee us on our own. We have it when we “draw near to God.” It’s then that God draws near to us. Satan knows he cannot win and so he “flees.”

My brother and I were in third and fourth grade and decided to open up a refreshment stand in our neighborhood. We would walk to the 7-Eleven and stock up on candy and lemonade mix and then sell it for a few cents more at our stand. We were happy to save our friends the walk or bicycle ride to the store.

We were on our way to offering our blueprint for franchising when a big Jr. High bully on a dirt bike showed up. He pulled a knife on my brother and wanted our money. I had already started to the house to get more supplies and saw what was happening. I got our Dad and he started out towards the Jr. High biker bully.

The bully took one look at all 5’7” of intimidation my dad was bringing and took off. We closed the stand down but my brother thought he had scared off the bully. (At least that’s how I like to remember it and I’m the one blogging about it. J) The bully decided to “seek safety by running away.”

That’s what Satan does when we resist him. But we would be foolish to think he leaves because of us. He leaves because when we draw near to God, God draws near to us. Satan may not be intimidated by us but he fears the Father that is near us.

Next time you feel under attack, resist. Set yourself against whatever it is. Give it your effort. But most importantly draw near to God. Through prayer. Through loving God. Through loving your neighbor as yourself.

You’ll see the dust from your enemy running away from you.

Question: What “attacks” are you facing today? How are you resisting them?

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