Re-Souling Your Soul

Imagine walking 3,540 feet above the ground on a suspended bridge. A nerve-wracking thought?  Then factor in that the bridge is made of glass. Then factor in that near the end of your walk on this glass walkway the glass begins to crack.

That’s the experience some tourists had recently in China. One person posted that she was at the end of the walkway when she “heard a sound. My foot shook a little. I looked down and I saw that there was a crack in the floor.” [1]  She screamed. Others screamed. And then she began pushing people out of her way so she could get off.

Fortunately for the tourists on the bridge the cracked glass was only one layer of three sheets of glass. Nevertheless, the officials closed the bridge until further notice.

Sometimes our lives need to be closed till further notice. There are cracks in the foundation that we don’t often see. They can be caused by a number of things: Stress at work. Failed relationships. Harsh words from a parent or friend early in life.

Whatever has caused the cracks they are present. And unless repaired we would be better off closing down until further notice.

David needed to. There was a time David reigned in splendor as King of Israel. But after his affair with Bathsheba in which he also caused the death of her husband Uriah, his kingdom and household was never the same.

One incident came when his son Amnon lusted after his half-sister Tamar. He raped her and then tossed her aside. Her brother Absalom took her in and cared for her. David? When he found out all we are told is that he was angry.

You’d expect a father to do more. Punish Amnon. Lecture Amnon. Take his car keys away from him. But David did nothing other than feel anger.

Absalom, on the other hand, did do something. He got Amnon drunk and then killed him. And again David did nothing but weep in solitude. His lack of connection to Absalom was interpreted by Absalom as his father being angry at him, so he fled Jerusalem. He and his father did not see each other for years. There were cracks all over the foundation of their collective family and individual souls.

By the time David finally reunited with Absalom it was too late. Absalom led a revolt and took over the kingdom. David ran for his life from Absalom. In 2 Samuel 16:14 he and all the people that left with him arrive at the Jordan. The Scripture then says, “And there he refreshed himself.”   The Hebrew word for “refresh” is literally “re-souled.”

Maybe you’ve resoled a shoe when it was coming apart. You realized that the sole was wearing thin. You felt the gravel underneath your feet almost like you were barefoot. You held the shoe up to the light and could see the light shining through. Instead of throwing the entire shoe out you decide a new sole would wear better.

Maybe we need to learn to “re-soul” our soul when it is coming apart. David’s life gives us some direction of what to do.

  • Get away from the things that are wearing your soul thin: Sin. Busyness. Crowds. Toxic people.
  • Then find a refreshing place, like a river, and reset our soul on God. Psalm 63 was written during this time. Its words can be used as our own.

A fractured soul is like a suspension bridge made of glass hovering 3,540 feet above the ground that is cracking. It’s not safe for anyone. If the bridge is you, re-soul today.


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