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ME_ADDICTION (1)ME Addiction: having it my way isn’t so great after all

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“Need pampering?  This isn’t the book.  Ready for some healthy, balance-giving perspective?  You’ll find it in these pages.” — Max Lucado, pastor and best-selling author

“This is a book we’ve all been wanting but didn’t know we needed.” — Phil and Heather Joel, founders of deliberatePeople and formerly of Newsboys ”

“This book shouts the solution to a troubled self-serving nation of ME-addicts.  They really need this book.  OK.  Fine. WE really need this book!” — Your friend and mine, Bob Smiley.  Comedian, bobsmiley.com

“In ME Addiction, Rick Brown (and company) does the thing I fear the most … he made me look honestly at my pride and self-centeredness and call it what it is.” — Shelley Leith, co-author Character Makeover and creator of 40 Days of Purpose Campaign



THE_XODUS_FILESThe X-odus Files: Following God in an Alien Land

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“Cecil B. DeMille and Charlton Heston did it first and did it well—on film back in 1956. But Reg Cox and Rick Brown have done it again and done it better—in print, on target for today. In The X-odus Files they have brought the Exodus to life in ‘living color’ and zip-coded it to my address.”– Lynn Anderson, Hope Network, San Antonio, Texas; author of Longing for a Homeland 

“May Rick and Reg’s book do for you what their lives have done for so many… bring you closer to Christ.” — Max Lucado, author of Come Thirsty