Apprenticeship with Jesus: Learning to Live Like the Master (Grand Rapids: Baker Books, 2009)

We don’t use the word “apprentice” as much as they did in years gone by. We talk about having a mentor or a coach but seldom do we learn as an apprentice from a “Master Teacher.”

Maybe that’s why so many people would say they believe in Jesus as their Lord but so few would be confident in saying that they live like Jesus.

Gary Moon believes that the difference is that so much of our Christian life has to do with intellect rather than experience. Apprentices experienced life and learning with their teacher. And that is precisely what a disciple is: an apprentice or “learner” who studies with a Master teacher.

The first time this became clear to me was in West Texas. A man at our church was a blacksmith at Ft. Concho. I had never met a blacksmith. I had seen them in movies and TV Westerns. So I asked him how he became a blacksmith. His answer? He “apprenticed” with a Master “Smithy.”

That’s what Gary Moon helps us do in this much-needed resource. It lays out a 30-day experience of walking with Jesus and practicing the life that Jesus lives. You can read the book and be encouraged and gain some wisdom. But the book will do its best work if you actually practice the “apprentice activites” at the end of each chapter.

The first activity may be the most difficult. Moon writes:

Our first to-do will be to get to our day planners before anyone else can.

When was the last time you had an experience with Jesus? Grab a copy of this book and have one. And see if your life isn’t better in 30 days.


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