Soul Keeping: Caring for the Most Important Part of You (Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 2014)

In his book Soul Keeping John Ortberg gives us an inside look into his time with Dallas Willard learning about the soul. He gives us some gems from Willard such as:

“The most important thing in your life is not what you do; it’s who you become. That’s what you will take into eternity. You are an unceasing spiritual being with an eternal destiny in God’s great universe.” p. 23.

“You are not just a self; you are a soul.” p. 39

“When you are connected with God and other people in life, you have a healthy soul.” p. 43

Ortberg guides us into a better understanding of our souls through his wisdom and humor. If you’ve ever felt as if things in your outside world were going well but your inside world was falling apart this book will help you. If you’ve ever had your outside world falling apart but inside you were calm and peaceful and focused on God … well, you might want to read it anyway so you can share it with someone else.

The truth is you are a soul. And the question is, “how is your soul?” If you need a doctor this book can guide you to health.

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