Christmas Presence

Open the Gift of the Season

December 1.

Young hearts turn towards the day. Only 25 and it will come.

Old hearts turn towards the day. Wanting to recapture the joy. The wonder. The hope.

Christmas Presence may help you do that. With one short devotional every day for twenty-five days your heart will turn towards the gift of the season: Jesus. Emmanuel. God with us.

Enjoy the readings. Meditate on them through each day. Open the Scriptures and read the stories again.

Look for the presence of Jesus this Christmas.


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2 thoughts on “Christmas Presence

  1. I’ve just finished reading ur inspireing article in the Bellaire examiner Houston chronicle . it was exactly what I’ve planned for the new year! It was so refreshing for my soul body an mind .I like a copy of this book . I try to sign in online. I not sure if I successfully complete the inquiries .

    • Thanks so much Toni. I’m glad it was helpful.

      What book are you trying to get? Let me know and I can try to help you if you are having an issue.